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Product Image C203 Dear Bird Blank Card

C203 - Deer and Birds - Blank Card


Deer and Birds
Blank Card
5ins x 5ins
Artwork by Rachel Arbuckle
Deer (Ogham = The Willow Tree)
Be kind, be aware, and be tender with yourself and others. Deer as Celtic animal symbols walk gingerly and gracefully into our consciousness to bestow a quality of gentle reassurance. The deer, particularly does are reminders of spiritual evolution, and the patience required to allow our spiritual unfolding (at our own pace). If you’ve ever encountered the deer, you know they’ll wait for an eternity until they are quite sure it’s safe to make the next move. The deer asks you to do this same in your spiritual walk.
Pheasant (Ogham = Heather)
If pheasants were jewels, they would be the rubies, sapphires and emeralds of the grasslands. Just close your eyes and envision these birds brilliantly bounding through brown grasses, what a sight! Pheasants are all about glam and a showy display of Technicolor brilliance. As Celtic animal symbols, the pheasant speaks to us of wooing our mates by playing up to our redeeming qualities. When the pheasant flashes himself to you, it’s time to play to your own strengths. It also means that romance is in the air!

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