1000 Piece The Snow Queen Jigsaw Puzzle
1000 Piece The Snow Queen Jigsaw Puzzle
1000 Piece The Snow Queen Jigsaw Puzzle
The Celtic Card Team

1000 Piece The Snow Queen Jigsaw Puzzle

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1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Finished Jigsaw 485mm x 680mm

The Snow Queen

Artist - Harry Clarke

Harry Clarke 1889-1931

Harry Clarke grew up in the golden age of the Celtic Revival in the early part of the 20th century.  

His father and family ran a stained-glass business in Dublin called Joshua Clarke and Sons. Harry gradually used his artistic talents and imagination to develop a unique style in this field.

Over time his reputation grew in Ireland and abroad, winning awards and critical acclaim. Gradually he branched into book illustrations as his reputation grew and he achieved great success.

Harry sufferd from poor health throughout his life and tragically died at the age of 41 from tuberculosis.

Throughout Ireland you will find his work in a large number of churches, museums and galleries. You can also view his windows over a cup of coffee in Bewley’s Cafe on Grafton Street. It is a mark of his genius that his reputation as an artist continues to grow despite his death almost 100 years ago.

For more information visit www.harryclarke.net.

The Snow Queen

The image of The Snow Queen is an illustration Harry 

Clarke created for a fairytale collection by Hans Christian Andersen in 1916.

The Queen bewitches Kai and imprisons the boy in her ice palace. Gerda, his friend, comes searching for Kai, and breaks the evil spell through her love for him.

This was the first time Clarke’s work had appeared in print. 

Medium: Ink, graphite, watercolour, gouache and glazes, with bodycolour highlights.

Nature’s Craft have been collaborating with Irish Artists and illustrators since the company was founded some 30 years ago. We value the work they produce and the endless and evolving creativity that continues to flow from within.

The Celtic Card Team brand is a part of Nature’s Craft Ltd.

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